I Am Not a Ski Bunny!


My family and friends wanted to do something nice for my 40th birthday and they had suggested looking up Aspen rentals so that we could find a house that would accommodate all of us. I was not exactly excited about going in the middle of the winter, but I was excited to be able to see everyone. My entire group of friends and family are skiers so I felt like I should go with them since they wanted to do something nice for me. I ended up having the best time of my life and I am so glad that I brought in this monumental year with the people that I love. I thought that since this was going to be such a huge milestone birthday for me that I had to go to Europe or do something that was really out of sight. The thing is, I was wrong when I thought that I had to do something amazing.

I always set up these big expectations up for myself and I always seem to let myself down. Going to Aspen was not going to be high on my trips taken so far, and I am glad that I was wrong. I found that although I did not ski once, there are so many other things to do in the area. I love to shop and one of the girls that went with me always shops for bargains so we made our way to the stores. There is so much shopping, and a lot of the shops are small places that are privately owned. These are the best stores to shop in as we were supporting small businesses. They also appreciated our business and gave us some discounts for my birthday. Amazing people are found everywhere on the main strip!